GuildQuality & Qualified Remodeler: 2019 Customer Satisfaction Report

For the fifth year in a row, GuildQuality has partnered with Qualified Remodeler to compile their annual Customer Satisfaction Report for QR‘s July 2019 issue. The report profiles 60 award-winning remodelers and replacement contractors who understand the importance of delivering exceptional customer service. In addition to these profiles, the report also includes a heat map of highly valued service traits.

To Qualified Remodeler, sharing industry data and customer satisfaction best practices is essential to the success of businesses in the home services sphere:

“All businesses succeed or fail based on reputation and the accumulated goodwill of past customers. As a business improvement publication serving remodelers, Qualified Remodeler wants to share best practices about what it takes to satisfy customers.

Fifteen years ago, we researched a homeowner database to uncover their pain points in home improvements. Today, we work with GuildQuality to provide that information to our readers. This is their business and they know it better than anyone in our space. Our feeling is that the surest path to long-term success in remodeling is to satisfy customers.”

July 17th, 2019 by 

Julia Clem

Julia Clem

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