Infinity from Marvin Windows

Everything you might expect for replacement windows is delivered by Infinity from Marvin. Fiberglass technology is used in creating durable, low-maintenance and attractive windows. Remarkable when installed. Gravina’s Window Center provides the highest quality replacement window experience. We sell Infinity windows as a complete package, both sold and installed by our experts


Strongest Window on the Market

  • Made of Ultrex, Infinity is tough enough to resist Arvada’s climate. Infinity windows pass the time test, keeping your home more comfortable and making it more attractive.
  • Energy efficiency is ensured by the stability and strength of the Ultrex® material. No more seal failure and leaky windows.
  • Also, your home’s cooling and heating costs will diminish significantly, as Ultrex® Fiberglass provides a barrier between your comfortable inside and the outdoors’ extreme weather.



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